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Organizational Plan and Sports Management

Sports Management Organizational Plan


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Organizational Plan and Sports Management
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This paper explains the business and organizational structure of Stark Sports Infrastructure (SSI), which is a vast organization dealing multiple functions. This firm is into production, selling and export of sports goods for various games. Apart from this, it also solicits dealings and sponsorships for sports good, kits and equipment of various local and national sports teams. It is also diversified into the field of games, and till date, it has organized various sports tournaments in various games, and has worked in collaboration with several social associations to promote the spirit of sports. Alongside these lines, recently, SSI has also launched its own regional football team, which has made it a vast operation in terms of organizational structure. Such a vast function requires specialized approach in terms of management and this is why there are certain functions which are to be dealt and studied in details. This paper covers various managerial functions in this direction and presents the complete business plan of SSI and related Sports Management Techniques which are implemented and directed towards operations. This also takes into account the organizational structure and tries to explain the hierarchy which is best suited for the same. (Klein, 2009)


Stark Sports Infrastructure is a vast organization now, but initially it all began from a small trading operation. In 1982, Ned Stark, who was a small time trader of leather, took interest in footballs, and started trading footballs in the local sports market. This was a small setup in the form of a shop, and there was huge potential in this market. Ned soon grew in operations, and with that added sports equipment from other sports as well, and this helped the shop grow into a huge sports departmental store. In early nineties, SSI initiated its manufacturing operations and from then on there was no looking back and there was constant growth. (Klein, 2009)


Today SSI has vast outreach and sphere of influence and operations, as it has a stronghold and enjoys great approach and namesake in terms of business. Sports equipment produced by SSI are widely appreciated and sold in the local market, apart from being exported to almost fifty nations across the world. There is vast demand in the sporting scenario, which is efficiently met by SSI and it is widely appreciated in terms of quality. The promotion of sports events and sports teams has given a lot of positive word of mouth for the firm and has helped maintain a positive image among market. (Klein, 2009)


We, at Stark Sports Infrastructure are dedicated towards providing best in class facilities in sports goods and related equipment. The company was established with a foresight of developing the sports niche of the market as a whole and provides best in class sporting goods to budding sportsmen. For this, only high quality material is used in our production and manufacturing function, which helps us produce sporting goods of great precision and value. We have also promoted our aim of competing in the field and this is the reason we sponsor great talents and sport stars. We salute the common sporting spirit which is prevalent in almost every human being and wish to continue the world of sports. For the future, we have plans to expand our horizons even further and to do so, we aim at greater tie ups and associations regarding our sports ventures (Maynard, 2010).


Sports are a vivid field and to gain success in this direction takes a lot of insight and expertise, and it becomes all the more important for the firm, which has higher aspirations in current and future endeavors. SSI is one organization, which is vast in terms of outreach and operations, as it includes various functions and processes in its facility. Such as diversified organization in such a vivid environment, needs a lot of information, knowledge, expertise and a consolidated discussion portal. To suit the overall structure and design of companies such as SSI, consultative style of management is suggested to carry out such operations with complete efficiency and effect. In this style of management and operation, it is important to create a valid function and scenario in direction of open discussion and contribution of ideas. There is a collection of ideas and knowledge to a much extent in an organization and this knowledge is to be shared. Consultative management style promotes the idea of knowledge sharing and contribution towards excellence. In this regard, there is a built up conclave on virtual level, which is prevalent inside the organization and which allows personnel to communicate freely and consult the experts for better conclusion (Henry & Robinson, 2010).

RISK Management PLAN

Each and every organization needs a detailed plan to counter and avoid certain situations of risk involved in it. This is necessary and useful in terms business sustenance and makes the organization able to make changes according to changing structures. Sports organizations are at an increased level of vulnerability, due to the intricate nature of business. There are certain aspects which are suggested for an organization and which should be kept in mind while carrying out normal organizational functions and plan for risk.


There needs to be a detailed plan which is to be implemented at all organizational levels and the firm has to work collectively in this direction to enable working on risk levels. To construct the plan, there has to be an analysis of all members of staff and the levels at which they are skilled. All volunteers need to be positioned at levels which they are skilled and have knowledge about the same, and there should be consistency in work allotted to them. A format of certification is to be followed and implemented, and achievement of certification is to be maintained at higher levels (Corbett & Bell, 2010).


Implementation of risk management can be done through following steps:

Avoid the risk – For such an organization, it becomes very important to avoid risk at all cost, and to make sure that all operations are safe and sound. There is a regular safety procedure which is to be implemented and followed at all cost and this is mandatory for all staff members. However, there are some instances where taking risk is very important and it is tempting to take further step, given the gains which are promised form the venture. In such situation, all options are weighed and the one with least risk is followed.

Transfer the risk – This refers to the transferring of damage to another party or association in order to safeguard own interests. Insurance is considered to be the safest option, which helps in covering losses in long run and this is the reason that liability is transferred onto an insurance company and losses are preserved from happening.

Reduce the risk – There are various researched manners in which risk can be reduced and can be brought to minimal levels, and this can happen with research. There are certain set of actions and guidelines towards completing certain tasks, and this should be followed in the same order, to avoid unnecessary risk.

Accept the risk – Finally, there is an understanding which should be reached by all sports organizations, which is of the inherent risk. Such organizations should understand that the very nature of their operations involves risk, and they should be extra careful towards accomplishment of tasks.


One of the most important functions in the whole risk management portal is that of the maintenance of risk management portal and it should be understood that management of risk is a never ending and ongoing procedure and should be regularly followed and implemented. There is a chart of affairs which is regularly followed and implemented, and is also updated at regular intervals in order to overcome risk factors. This also works as a risk communication portal for all the employees and highlights the risk functions which are involved in operations and how these developments can be avoided. These processes, actions and functions are shortlisted after a detailed brainstorming session and are implemented through guidelines, and is communicated accordingly. Organizations who have implemented a detailed follow up function in the risk management function have benefitted a lot and have regular and well maintained function (Corbett & Bell, 2010).


Sports have long been considered as a male dominated field and in past, there have been many instances, where participation of women in a particular sport has raised several eyebrows, and has initiated debates. There have been many discussions in this regard and self-righteous groups have tried to promote this stereotype to a much extent. However, modern day does not support such indulgences and women have long been an integral part of almost every sport and excursion. Sports organizations now have an added responsibility to fulfill, which is to shun such a discriminatory stereotype and provide equal opportunity to women at same levels of sport events. To comply with the title XI, which is framed in this direction, and which guides an organization to promote gender equality, SSI also needs to review all structural proceedings and regulations. There needs to be proper and separate departments for promoting sports affairs pertaining to women and which provides similar opportunities to women. This whole structure needs to be pro-female athletes and which should encourage talent form amongst women. It is also guided to employ and position women members on panels and boards which looks after such events, and maintain coordination among these groups and associations (Henry & Robinson, 2010).



SSI has a very different way of approaching the market due to the intricate nature of the business and the reason that it is diversified into several aspects. There is a detailed functioning and product related appeal which has to be created in order to make this function successful. Product mix revolves around the understanding of the manager about the exact demand of the market, and it needs to be ascertained as to what exactly does the market needs in terms of product. This also requires planning the mixture of product and services in that direction, as the market needs. SSI needs to focus on sporting events which are liked by the masses, and also, promote similar events across its schedule. The firm has an altogether different method for approaching the business because of the complex nature of the business and the reason that it is differentiated into a few angles. SSI needs to concentrate on brandishing occasions which are loved by the masses, furthermore, advance comparative occasions over its calendar. There is an itemized working and product related advance which must be made to make this capacity effective. Product blend spins around the understanding of the supervisor about the careful interest of the business sector, and it needs to be discovered in respect to what precisely does the business sector needs as far as product. This likewise obliges arranging the mixture of product and administrations in that course, as the business sector needs (Corbett & Bell, 2010).


Price is another major decisive function, which can decide in favor or against the business function. Also it should be understood that sports organizations have completely different approach and appeal in the market. The pricing function of such organizations is completely different form that of other normal firms. There is a unique sense of appeal and attraction which is associated with purchase of this service and price levels are to be maintained at a logical level. Price mix is to be implemented in accordance with the market scenario and there should be nominal pricing for sports events in form of tickets in order to attract more patrons and make this service a success. Price is an alternate major unequivocal capacity, which can rule in support or against the business capacity. Additionally it ought to be comprehended that games associations have totally diverse approach and advance in the business. Price mix is to be executed as per the business situation and there ought to be ostensible estimating for games occasions in type of tickets to draw in more supporters and make this administration a win. The evaluating capacity of such associations is totally diverse structure that of other typical firms. There is an exceptional feeling of claim and fascination which is connected with buy of this administration and price levels are to be kept up at a legitimate level (Mrak, 2010).


In some aspects, place is considered to be the most important functions and to a much an extent it decides the longevity and sustenance of the business. Where many aspects point in direction of marketing decisions, deciding the place where the facility has to be located is a much more vital decision. Place needs to be comfortable for patrons and enthusiasts and suitability is very important function of this factor. The approach and zoning of place are other factors, which encourage participation from among the common masses. In a few viewpoints, place is thought to be the most paramount capacities and to a much a degree it chooses the life span and sustenance of the business. The methodology and zoning of place are different elements, which energize cooperation from among the normal masses. Where numerous viewpoints point in heading of promoting choices, choosing the place where the office must be placed is a substantially more key choice. Place needs to be agreeable for benefactors and fans and suitability are paramount capacity of this element (Birch, 2004).


Communication is very important in every business, as the market needs to know the exact purpose and true nature of services. Communication works in conjunction with the promotion mix function and the market needs to be aware of the same. In sports function, SSI needs to explore the opportunities in which it can make the whole function successful, and it can be done by promoting the nature of business. Stress must be laid to focus promotional activities towards the health aspect of sports and making people more aware about health and agility benefits of such events and also glamorizing these activities (Sawyer & Judge, 2012).


In an organization, such as SSI, there are certain risks which are involved and there are certain vulnerabilities which take place. There is a majority of incidences which occur in a given environment, such as a sports organization. There are many activities involved, which pose a threat to well-being and also health hazard. When sports activities are organized, one of the basic threats is from injuries and other such incidents which occur in course. Apart from this, there are certain financial risks, which prevail in almost all organizations. Organizing such events also involves uncertainty about success, due to similar market scenarios and natural calamities. Legal risks do form a part of this function, and they are to be tackled in order to sustain business activities. In an association, for example, SSI, there are sure risks which are included and there are sure vulnerabilities which happen. There is a lion’s share of rates which happen in a given environment, for example, a games association. There are numerous exercises included, which represent a danger to well-being furthermore well-being risk. At the point when sports exercises are sorted out, one of the fundamental dangers is from wounds and other such occurrences which happen in course. Lawful risks do structure a piece of this capacity, and they are to be handled keeping in mind the end goal to maintain business exercises. Separated from this, there are sure budgetary risks, which win in practically all associations. Arranging such occasions additionally includes instability about accomplishment, because of comparative business situations and characteristic catastrophes (Birch, 2004).

Management OF RISKS

A configuration of certificate is to be emulated and executed, and accomplishment of confirmation is to be kept up at more elevated amounts. Every last association needs an itemized plan to counter and dodge certain circumstances of risk included in it. This is fundamental and helpful in wording business sustenance and makes the association ready to roll out improvements as per changing structures. To build the arrangement, there must be an examination of all parts of staff and the levels at which they are talented. Everything volunteers need to be situated at levels which they are gifted and have learning about the same, and there ought to be consistency in work allocated to them. Sports associations are at an expanded level of weakness, because of the mind boggling nature of business. There is a normal security technique which is to be actualized and took after at all expense and this is compulsory for all staff parts. Be that as it may, there are a few examples where taking risk is critical and it is enticing to make further stride, given the increases which are guaranteed structure the wander. In such circumstance, all choices are weighed and the one with slightest risk is taken after. There are sure perspectives which are proposed for an association and which ought to be remembered while doing ordinary hierarchical capacities and arrangement for risk. There requirements to be a point by point plan which is to be actualized at all authoritative levels and the firm needs to work on the whole in this course to empower chipping away at risk levels.


In a sports organization, there are numerous roles which are to be implemented and negotiated among the whole workforce. There is a need to deeply understand the demographics and combinations of various skill sets which are included among the personnel. A special set of skills is required by the management of SSI in order to manage the functions efficiently and without friction. It begins with the deployment of HRM skills, which looks into every matter and aspect pertaining to the workforce. There are special needs of each and every individual and it takes special knowledge to understand the needs and bring order to the hierarchy. Sports are an intricate and special function and when events are organized, it requires indulgence with participants and volunteers. Specialized coaches, managerial staff who have complete knowledge of their task, and support staff are required to accomplish such functions. There is a need to profoundly comprehend the demographics and mixes of different ability sets which are incorporated among the staff. Specific mentors, managerial staff who have complete information of their undertaking, and help staff are obliged to fulfill such capacities. An extraordinary set of abilities is needed by the administration of a sports organization with a specific end goal to deal with the capacities effectively and without erosion. It starts with the arrangement of “human function” aptitudes, which investigates each matter and perspective relating to the work power. There are uncommon needs of every last individual and it takes exceptional learning to comprehend the needs and bring request to the progression. A sport is a many-sided and unique capacity and when occasions are sorted out, it obliges liberality with members and volunteers. In a sports association, there are various parts which are to be actualized and arranged among the entire work power (Mrak, 2010).


There are various areas inside the wider management function and the whole plan of managing a sports organization begins with understand the whole setup. There are specialized areas, and managing such areas is only possible if equally specialized knowledge is implemented and carried out. SSI has several areas, and the whole functioning of the organization, has divided interests and the same is to be managed by implementing specialized personnel for each area. Management process also highlights the need of special knowledge and specialized interests, which is why it is all the more important for SSI to follow such practice. All areas which are divided in several parts cannot be confused on basis of operations, and clear instructions are needed to carry out efficient operations. Sport management positions carry a variety of job titles, such as Program Director in Community Sport Programs, Marketing and Promotions Director, Academic Services for Student Athletics, Corporate Sales Director, Director of Ticketing and Finance, Sporting Goods Sales Representative, Intramural Director of Campus Recreation, Facilities Coordinator, Athletic Director, Compliance Director, Athletic Business Manager, and Fitness Manager. Job responsibilities vary with the type of organization, area of the sport industry, and level of management. All zones which are separated in a few parts can’t be confounded on premise of operations, and clear guidelines are expected to do proficient operations. There are specific zones, and overseeing such territories is just conceivable if similarly particular information is executed and did. SSI has a few ranges, and the entire working of the association, has partitioned investments and the same is to be overseen by actualizing specific faculty for every territory. There are different regions inside the more extensive administration capacity and the entire arrangement of dealing with a sports association starts with comprehension of the entire setup. Administration transform likewise highlights the need of uncommon information and particular investments, which is the reason it is all the more imperative for SSI to take after such practice (Tripathi, 2013).


Management function has seen a lot of development and expertise. There has been much advancement which has been achieved in this direction and several experts and thinkers have pointed out the implementation of scientific methods in some of the intricate functions. SSI has a challenging design as an organization, and scientific methods of management are very useful to promote efficiency. This technique includes, following several scheduled instructions and measurement techniques, which evaluates time, speed and movement dynamics of each individual as well as machinery in order to make it more productive and easier to control. These scientific dynamics and techniques have benefitted many organizations in the past, and SSI can gain more outcomes in a better way, by bringing these techniques into use. This promotes, use and implementation of certain patterns which are needed to guide and train individuals, and produces a graph of all activities which are implemented, in this direction. Scientific management is much needed function for a prospering and divers e organization, which has wide functions, such as SSI. This procedure incorporates, emulating a few booked directions and estimation procedures, which assess time, velocity and development flow of every person and additionally hardware to make it more gainful and simpler to control. This advances, utilization and usage of specific examples which are expected to guide and train people, and produces a diagram of all exercises which are executed, in this bearing. Scientific administration is greatly required capacity for a thriving and jumpers e association, which has wide capacities, for example, SSI. These scientific progress and strategies have profited numerous associations previously, and SSI can pick up more conclusions in a finer manner, by bringing these procedures into utilization (Sawyer & Judge, 2012).


When there is an elaborate and wide function, which has to be carried out and implemented, there has to be certain value to the management function, in order for everyone to focus in the same direction. In vats functions, top management needs to sustain certain authority and command in order to motivate and guide the lower hierarchy. This command is what drives the whole structure in a common direction and it is very helpful in providing a common vision to all personnel. It is acclaimed and known that management function includes a certain command and unity of order, which is only possible, if there is administrative authority which is prevalent among the management function. Administrative theory points towards implementation of control in all direction, where all personnel have clarity of roles and accountability, which is needed to be implemented. It implies that the whole association ought to move towards a typical target in a typical course. General enthusiasm of SSI ought to be given inclination on investment / profit of any people. Compensations of specialists ought not base on profit of laborers yet it ought to base on numerous variables, for example, average cost for basic items, supply of qualified staff, general business conditions, and achievement of the business. Centralization or decentralization of administration ought to be picked as indicated by need / society and association. He characterized centralization as bringing down the essentialness of the subordinate part. There ought to be chains of importance of administration in association. Power ought to be doled out to every supervisor as per the status of directors in chain of importance. Top level supervisor of SSI ought to be given most power and the other way around. There ought to be successful and productive operation in association. All workforce and materials have particular spot along these lines ought to be set in their particular spot. In short individuals and material ought to be at correct spot at opportune time. Value implies that all workers of SSI ought to be dealt with as just as could reasonably be expected. It demonstrates that for accomplishment of association, essential rights, principle and regulation ought to be same for all laborers (Mahmood & Basharat, 2012).


Organizational climate and culture at large are some of the most generic features, which are pointed by behavioral scientists. Human relations play and important part in providing the organization, a particular culture, and it is decisive in pushing forth, its functions. SSI needs to implement and take into account such relations and promote a healthy relation sharing portal in order to provide a much needed cooperation and unity in command and operations. There is complete unity once system is designed and implemented according to such theories. SSI needs to entwine its functions and provide assignments based on the function of knowledge sharing. Once the employees feel attached and have a sense of belonging towards the organization, there is a better managerial role, which is implemented through this theory. Every one of them are disparaging of power and supervision of the worker’s work. Representatives are relied upon to recognize themselves with the objectives of their association and create dependability to it and high inspiration for their work. No reference is made to the centrality and importance of the association’s objectives to social purposes like administration to humankind, open great and social welfare. Steadfastness, inspiration, and duty are not available items. They can be inspired on the premise of a world-perspective containing values and purposes imparted by both representatives and chiefs as full grown and intelligent people (Mahmood & Basharat, 2012).


Total Quality Management (TQM) has been recently very popular for encouraging quality in business. At the point when there is a showy and wide capacity, which must be completed and actualized, there must be sure esteem to the administration capacity, with the goal everybody should concentrate in the same bearing. In vats capacities, top administration needs to support certain power and order with a specific end goal to spur and aide the lower chain of importance. This summon is the thing that drives the entire structure in a typical course and it is extremely useful in giving a typical vision to all workforce. It is acclaimed and realized that administration capacity incorporates a certain order and solidarity of request, which is just conceivable, if there is quality power which is common among the administration capacity. Quality hypothesis focuses towards usage of control in all bearing, where all faculties have clarity of parts and responsibility, which is expected to be executed. Sports are a clear field and to increase accomplishment in this heading takes a great deal of knowledge and mastery, and it turns into all the more paramount for the firm, which has higher goals in present and future attempts. SSI is one association, which is endless as far as effort and operations, as it incorporates different capacities and courses of action in its office. For example, differentiated association in such a clear environment needs a considerable measure of data, learning, aptitude and a merged talk gateway. To suit the general structure and configuration of organizations, for example, SSI, quality administration is proposed to do such operations with complete effectiveness and impact. In this style of administration and operation, it is essential to make a substantial capacity and situation in heading of open examination and commitment of thoughts (Salajegheh, Pourrashidi & Yazdani, 2013).


Contemporary administration is another idea which proposes that top administrators ought to consider stakeholders’ full of feeling encounters when settling on their administration choices. To demonstrate that this idea could help the change of administration execution in associations, this study examined the connections between the adequacy of top administration and administration execution records. Our survey focused around the Full of feeling Administration Scorecard was utilized to evaluate top management’s differentiation of the vitality, and additionally the genuine practices of emotional administration (Salajegheh, Pourrashidi & Yazdani, 2013).

In spite of the fact that this methodology may be expensive, the, the Contingency Point-of-view expands upon the Frameworks Approach yet perceives that there are various variables that may affect an association’s execution. This methodology additionally takes a gander at different speculations that claim to be the characterizing administration approach with suspicion. The case is that there is nobody most ideal approach to oversee. The Contingency Methodology perceives that all business circumstances are distinctive. Every occasion accompanies its particular set of issues, difficulties, and inward and outside ecological components (Mahmood & Basharat, 2012).


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