Posted: May 25th, 2022

Management of Stress and Tension

Management of Stress and Tension

Goals– What do you wish to complete?

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Management of Stress and Tension
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The answer to attain a postgraduate degree can develop into a very long journey. For me, the contending aspects of time and financial resources constantly appeared to present problems and control the situation. In truth, it would be considerably much easier to provide every single argument present against returning to institution at this time. One can say that numerous considerable life-changing occasions experienced just recently would be cause or motive enough to put off the commencement of the Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program. Concerns associated with household loss and task modification can be made use of as proof in support of delay. Financial pressures can likewise exist yet an additional motive that the moment in time, endeavor, and cost needed for an MBA would not be a required use of resources. Nonetheless, regardless of every one of the extremely legitimate arguments supporting a hold-up or desertion of this objective, now is the time to start my quest in sincerity. In providing the reasoning for my choice, specifically associated with all the significant life modification I am experiencing, I am positive that everyone will agree that I am ready to deal with the obstacles of a postgraduate degree.

Step 2: How will things be different or much better in your life?

“Almost 90% of participants in one study thought that a university education is as crucial today as a senior high school education …” (Rath, 2007). I definitely concur with the 90 percentile since in our global culture today it is extremely tough to discover a well paid occupation or job without a university degree. Maturing most grownups I was familiarized with either did not go to university, and even graduate senior high school. Finishing senior high school education in their era lead to the creation of numerous job and growth opportunities, however today the standards are set so high with competitors that university education is virtually required. Getting a good job is so tough strong in the present time that numerous even look at resumes relying on which university the candidate went to.

Do I truly require a university degree? Well, let’s think about how life would be like if I lacked one. Back in time, university education was booked for the rich or privileged. Today, even more than 18 million individuals are registered in some kind of higher education standard. Education is considered important to individuals’ excellence and improved performance. In order to contend in the country’s workforce you need to pursue a university education. University education/degree has actually become a part of the basic requirements as an increasing number of crucial as tasks have actually gotten more challenging. Due to the increase in innovation throughout the world lots of tasks need a much greater level of education than in the past. For that reason, university is a requirement for an occupation that will include a large base of understanding. Researches reveal that university graduates make practically two times as much as those individuals who do not have a university degree.

Getting a university education is very important due to the fact that it will contribute considerably to my advancement as an individual. University is a time where you find out a lot of facts of life, both in and out of the class, consisting of things that will continue to be with you and guide you whenever you need them to. University reminds you that, after senior high school, the overall transition of becoming a grownup includes a great deal of duty and responsibility. It makes you recognize that in order to prosper you should figure out what you want and strive towards getting it.

Step 3: How will you know when you have achieved a goal or desired outcome?

According to the American Institute of Stress (n.d.), Dr. Hans Selye specified stress in 1936 as “the non-specific feedback of the body to any need for modification” (para. 2). Whereas the reasons for stress and the feedbacks to it differ, specialists concur that substantial life modification can be a primary factor to unfavorable stress and stress-related diseases (WebMD, 2010). After conducting a digital “Life Change Stress Test” (Curtis, 2009), it was not unusual to discover that I quickly tipped the scales to record a high stress level. Life occasions leading to significant modifications in household (the death of my dad in January 2011), work (advertising and transfer to Sacramento), financial resources (investment of a home and expense of driving), and my individual routines (day-to-day commute of an hour back and forth from work) all added to a really high rating. One could ask, why rise the stress by drawing back to school? The response to that objection can be discovered in a short examination into my Jungian character kind.

Rath (2007) mentioned, “Although individuals definitely do alter in time and our characters adjust, researchers have actually found that core personality types are fairly steady throughout their adult years, as are our interests and interests” (p. 18). Psychologist Carl Jung acknowledged that, as individuals, experiences in life depend on instinctive parts or characters. Jung described these functions as archetypes. Even though we all are competent and we all frequently do play numerous functions with the lessons of our lives, Jung kept in mind that each of us utilizes a significant path of action in life. Jung called these our “dominant archetypes.” Knowingly selecting the right archetype for every facet of our lives permits us to utilize our archetypes rather than being regulated by them (Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Inc., 2011).

When initially taking a Jungian Personality evaluation in my very early twenties, the outcomes were rather unexpected to see. The outcomes were not constant with how I wished to see myself or be regarded by the world. My preliminary intro to this kind of evaluation was by means of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. In accordance to The Myers-Briggs Foundation (n.d.), “The function of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) character stock is to make the concept of mental kinds explained by C.G. Jung easy to understand and beneficial in individuals’ lives” (MBTI Basics, para. 1). For many years, I have actually discovered that viewed weak points were not just strengths however were likewise not restrictions to specific accomplishment or excellence. That is definitely real in how I connect to the obstacles of work and the quest of individual objectives. Whenever I take a character test the outcomes continue to be remarkably constant. On many of these evaluations I score as an “INFJ.” This archetype shows core choices of Introverted, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging (Personality Max, 2011). Even though I do certainly have those choices, I have actually likewise found out that I can fulfill functions needing a more extroverted, noticing, and thinking character. Many of the parts I play in the workplace, class, and conference room are much closer to the ESTJ archetype. Nevertheless, I highly display the INFJ character in my domestic relationships as well as an employer and coach.

So how does this entire discussion associate with the significant stress factors in life that could thwart my academic pursuits? I have actually discovered how to optimize my strengths and at the exact same time properly presume the duties needed to satisfy any obstacle. In reality, in an additional character evaluation device established by the Gallop Organization, among my determined strengths is “Maximizer.” Rath (2007) states for a personality recognized as Maximizer that “and having actually discovered a strength, you feel obliged to support it, improve it, and extend it towards quality” (p. 137). I have actually found out to presume duties, tasks, and duties that may usually trigger stress in somebody with a comparable dominant archetype by embracing the choices of an ESTJ character kind, while still depending on and making best use of the strengths of my INFJ kind. The INFJ character kind has a tendency towards being reflective and contemplative, 2 attributes that provide themselves towards dealing well with stress. In truth, when taking an online evaluation of how well I take care of stress, I score as having really little stress in my life (Mayo Clinic, 2011).

While the diverse life occasions that have actually just recently surfaced are most likely to be the toughest arguments against the initiation of my MBA program, they are not overwhelming. Nor are they the only elements. Various other obstacles might be talked about; however, they are not as recognized or known as those that have actually been taken care of. I feel extremely highly confident that I am completely prepared to pursue a degree that has actually been a dream for many years. Although brand-new challenges might come daily, I am positive of my capacity to adjust and satisfy them head-on. My life and occupation experience have actually revealed to me that I am prepared for this obstacle.

Step 4: What are your beneficial resources?

Grownup Learning is influenced by our capacity to handle stress. Stress can be found in lots of types. Aspects like the ambience, mental and physiological well being, ideas and societal stresses can have a benefit on our extent of knowledge on them. The understanding of stress’s effect on knowledge has actually led to a home sector devoted to teaching approaches of handling it. The capability to recognize sources of stress and afterwards methods to handle them are crucial to dealing with and getting rid of stress and opening our knowledge stations.

The general ambience or environment is a significant look into triggering stress and anxiety in everyone typically without our understanding. Sound can toss the mind and body from harmonization and make concentration tough. Researchers have actually revealed “that all songs which break the body’s natural rhythm – the heart beat – cause a kind of stress that even infants in the womb respond to by kicking the mom’s belly.” (“Heighten”). On the other hand, all songs that fit with the body’s natural heart beat triggers leisure and enables the mind to concentrate much better and enter a flow area, soaking up understanding at a higher rate (“What”).

Weather condition and pollution can likewise trigger stress we could not even discover. (“Stress”) You understand the sensation. It is a gloomy hazy day and you cannot appear to inspire yourself to do anything. Heading out seems like a substantial duty and all you wish to do is sit in the home and slouch. Researching and doing anything effective seems unnecessary. The cause is that you are physically responding to the stress of the weather and the stressful condition is triggering in your body and mind. Leisure strategies can counter this sleepiness. (“Stress”) Don’t let the weather condition make you idle, make an effort to go out and engage in a useful activity, you will feel much better and have the ability to concentrate and make knowledge much simpler to gather.

Traffic and crowding (“Stress”) are well-documented reasons for stress too. Numerous individuals have actually become aware of cases of road rage. Discovering parking at the shopping center throughout the holiday is absolutely a big reason for stress. Once again, leisure is very important in handling our stress so we do not harm ourselves or anyone else over something trivial and petty like parking area or traffic conditions.

The body itself can in fact trigger stress that will influence our capacity to discover or gain knowledge. Physiological reasons for stress consist of “ailment, injuries, hormonal variations, and insufficient rest or nourishment.” (“Stress”) Reflect back on your capability to research when your head is packed up, you have severe flu or coughing, and your body is aching all over with pains. Or, envision suffering a damaged wrist that has an 8 months period of recovery. Exactly what if it was your composing hand and your thumb was powerless so you could not compose? It might make completing a significant duty quite difficult. Hormonal variations such as those experienced throughout maternity may make concentrating on researches really tough (although it likewise offers a mobile writing table and book owner so you can lie in bed and compose a paper).

Lastly, getting sufficient nutrients to consume and sleep is necessary to discovering or increasing knowledge. (“Stress”) Hunger can trigger stress and interfere with knowledge and discovery. Being extremely tired can likewise trigger stress. It can make it hard to concentrate on anything irrespective of how exhausted we are and how terribly we wish to get some rest.

Our ideas have the ability to regulate our stress levels. Self-doubt or negativity from others is a beginning towards unfavorable ideas. Imagine yourself at the workplace. You are working on a heavy task around you; the phones are continually ringing; your computer system is declining to work at the necessary pace; your session appears early and you contemplate or doubt whether you gave yourself enough time or did not postpone getting ready for them since you thought you had even more time. Your first idea is doom. The mindset being shared quickly brings in the attention of those around you. This kind of circumstance can stand true for anybody. Seligman preserves that “positive outlook, a sense of individual control and the capability to discover meaning in one’s life experiences serve crucial mental resources that were long thought to be related to the promotion of mental wellness.” Sustaining a favorable mindset when dealing with scenarios like those specified above assists us regulate our ideas that reduce or lower our stress levels while keeping great mental wellness.

Financial issues might influence some individuals across their lifetime. The trick is to obtain control of the trouble and repair it. Do not put things off. Be proactive or look for expert aid if your expenses are specifying a downfall in your financial obligations. Do not wait till you get a last delinquent notice prior to your attempt to make a repayment. If you understand that you cannot make the organized repayment then call the company, discuss with them exactly what your position is and even more than most likely they will accommodate you because of your efforts to communicate. I intend to stay on top of all the financial triggers and/or stresses that I might face primarily so that I can avoid any and all related unnecessary anxiety.

The majority of individuals can connect to workplace stress. For instance, the suicide rate amongst guys in Japan has actually been climbing up for the last 15 years and is the 13th most usual source of death for guys. (It’s 21st for ladies). Whether it is from attempting to recognize our location in the business structure or merely making an impression on the management by relating our trustworthiness and worthiness, we might be signing up for lots of work stress. If my employer offers you 2 or 3 projects to finish in a week’s time and I currently understand that I am over-tasked, I need to discover the best ways to state no or respectfully decrease the projects and state the reason. Exactly what if we cannot state no or decrease a job load? We could wish to attempt handing over the duty to others in the office. Simply since our employer enrolled in higher duty does not imply that his efforts need to overwhelm us.

One method to ease stress is to work in different environments. This can be achieved by developing a pattern to assist in decreasing stress: going to sleep and standing up at particular times; taking some time off of work to provide ourselves time to unwind; or by setting particular times to consume lunch and supper. We might likewise take an hour or more after consuming to research or deal with a project that is due; choose a jog or a walk; research after workout; hang around with liked ones; play games; hold each other or simply sit and discuss the day’s activities. We might attempt paying attention to some news or listening to selected songs; visiting the park or a film; getting lost in a book; going out or hanging out with a buddy; composing in a diary; or heading out to eat. Attempt making a schedule, preparing every day out then consisting of a rest and leisure time where the most demanding points of the day take place. We merely have to be innovative in easing the negative impact triggered by stress (“Stress”).

There are lots of various means to ease stress. Discovering the right one that will work most effectively for us is the difficulty. There are workshops that can assist recognize locations of stress for us in our lives and exactly what we can do to avoid it from intensifying. Our colleagues, family and friends can likewise assist us in recognizing the locations of stress in our lives. Appropriate workout, dietary management, rest, and leisure can be made to lower the quantity of stress in our lives. Discover the one that is most effective for you and utilize it to assist in maintaining a trouble-free life (“Stress”).

Stress is experienced in both individual and expert locations. Individual stress can be related to monetary situations or losing a loved one as was the case for me. Specialist stress can be triggered by overloaded work or unlikely due dates to complete jobs. In either case, they can trigger sensations of being overwhelmed. Recognizing the reason for stress assists us in getting ready for trouble fixing. Trouble fixing is recognizing the scenario and discovering a feasible option. The issue resolving procedure is identifying and noting the necessary steps to attain your objective and finish the job. Trouble fixing is among the approaches that assist me personally in handling my stress as well.

One study asserts that “issue fixing incorporates 2 significant, partly independent total procedures– trouble alignment and issue resolving design.” Hence the important question here is: What is my character when challenged with an issue?

“Problem alignment” is my response to the issue. If I respond under stress with unfavorable activities or ideas I will have an unfavorable result, however if I include favorable feelings I will be more apt to have an improve option. Favorable and unfavorable activities are the 2 attributes connected with “issue alignment.” A rash and avoidance issue resolving design will be caused by unfavorable “trouble alignment.”

One effective analytic design is “logical issue addressing” which is based upon positive outlook and is a technique that includes well-thought out procedures with 4 fundamental “ability domains” 1) trouble meaning and formula; 2) generation of options; 3) choice making; and 4) option execution and confirmation.

Assessing my personality and taking a favorable technique is a vital consideration for developing my personal management of stress. When I act upon a favorable technique, I am developing a pattern that will make me a much better associate or leader in the office.

Leisure is not a birthright, it is a discovered capability. From youth to their adult years, unwinding has actually constantly been on all-time low of the list. Every single day we comply with the needs of this high tech stress society constantly appearing to forget to take a break and breathe. Today the strategies for leisure are sufficient, nevertheless, we either cannot manage it or simply do not have the time. A few of these consist of: massage therapy or aromatherapy, breathing exercises and reflection, and even something as easy as walking. Leisure does not need to be as hard as we make it. For the business individual all they need to do is arrange it in, for a blue collar employee all they need to do is purchase a coordinator and discover to utilize it. And finally, for the residential employees (i.e., in your home mothers, self used) all they should do is to stop themselves from looking after everybody else for 10 minutes. As you can see planning is a necessary part of leisure, how odd that seems when all we wish to do is unwind.

Values are basic facts that we base our primary concepts on. Our concepts are exactly what specify our ways of life. The concepts on which our standards are founded are exactly what we choose from life’s experiences. Exactly what is excellent or bad; right or wrong; left or right; up or down. Exactly what is very important or not vital and exactly what is understood and exactly what is not. To identify, specify and promote these standards which are intrinsic and unique to every one of us offers us drive and inspire to push us forward to prosper. Standards catapult us to preserve our objectives and to push us to finest ourselves to accomplish nearly anything we can leave life.

Each person needs to choose for themselves exactly what they desire from life. How each person chooses is by experimentation or by experiencing exactly what life and others need to provide them. Nobody can inform exactly what you must do however they can inform you exactly what choices you have to determine exactly what the individual might desire from life for attaining the necessary feeling of well being and spirituality.

Your well being is based upon how you take exactly what life provides and handle it. Spirituality originates from your faith. Exactly what you base your spirituality on could differ from arranged religious beliefs such as churches, spiritual hideaways or ministries or with nature and agreeing with it and your environments. Volunteer work could offer you insight and possibilities to discover exactly what you can learn from others’ lives and see exactly what their experiences provide you in terms of a learning experience.

Comprehending the problems that influence your capability to discover is crucial to reducing them. Resolution or application of any of the above methods will enhance your receptiveness to originalities and open the flow to discovery and knowledge.

Step 5: What are your blocks to excellence?

Getting my Undergraduate degree was among the most proud minutes in my life, I felt a strong sensation of achievement, obligation, and approval. I simply understood I was now capable to offer much better lifestyles for my household. That is why everybody around me visited university. Complete and graduate — A university degree can just assist you and not harm you. Well that statement can be a bit deceptive, while indeed a university degree will not harm you, it didn’t assist me much either. I entered a circumstance that I had the degree however did not have the experience. Why didn’t anyone inform me to work also? Get an internship? A coach? I suspect everybody had the misunderstanding that university degrees guarantee an excellent paying task; nonetheless, in some cases it’s not the case. I have actually pertained that acquiring continued education, even well past an undergraduate degree, will not just assist my occupation circumstance, however set a criterion for my household and/or children, to constantly continue educating themselves.

Objection and barriers: An MBA will not assure a great job

One story is that an MBA will not ensure a great job from the get-go. Nonetheless, the counter story can be, if it will not assure a job, however exactly what does? Having an MBA has actually put me in a more valuable position for more companies. Bryan Cohen says that “First-year accounting professionals with an associate degree made about $33,300 annually, while those with an MBA made $39,800 annually since April 2011 (Cohen, 2001). An MBA degree can open a world of huge possibilities in an occupation field. The reason I chose to continue with getting my degree is that I understand that it will benefit me in the long run, when I wish to look for positions in management. “On average, you can anticipate to make HALF more than you were making prior to you got your MBA. That’s no small reward for advancing your education. Your financial investment of time and tuition will settle in dollars, acknowledgment and task contentment.” (MBA Salary, 2002-2008) Companies want to buy an MBA team and for that reason they end up providing various settlement bundles. MBA workers have a greater bargaining contract, which is why “as a possible worker, you will need to consider the perks of accepting a position with a greater base pay against a position with a lower income that provides benefits and various other advantages. These advantages can consist of yearly perks, vehicle allowance, tuition repayment, moving expenses and even more.” (MBA Salary, 2002-2008).

Objection and barriers: it costs a great deal of cash to obtain an MBA

An additional story that can be a hurdle for me is that it is extremely expensive. The counter story for this one is that one should not look at education as a cost however even more as a financial investment. Although expenses are typically greater for an MBA, the ROI (so to speak) can be unlimited, based upon exactly what one makes alone. Lots of people were doubtful when I wished to return to institution. Stating this like “you simply invested a package on your undergrad” “Grad institution will cost double of undergrad.” There are lots of elements that surface when deciding whether an MBA is worth the financial investment. According to one wage guide, an MBA is worth about $10-30,000 annually in comparison to a bachelor’s degree, however the raise you can see might be much less– or far more (Hansen, n.d.). Aspects that can influence your income consist of:

Whether you visit your existing company or look for a task with a brand-new company.

The quantity of appropriate experience you have for the kind of job you are looking for.

The track record of the graduate institution you went to.

The sort of task you are looking for– and the level of supply/demand for employees.

The sectors where you are looking for a task.

The area of the tasks you are looking for.

Similar to undergraduates there are scholarships and financing for MBA programs, some businesses provide tuition repayments on courses that assist on in improving in the chosen discipline. All in all expenses ought to never ever discourage anybody from acquiring an MBA; there is a great deal of cash out there for pupils who wish to pursue further studies. Like my mom states “a shut mouth does not get fed..”

In summing up, acquiring my MBA degree was the most vital answer I had actually made this year. I am at a point where I wish to be as much as feasible so that I can maintain my occupation objectives. I am doing exactly what is needed to obtain the necessary results with unreasonable possibilities. Getting an MBA is not for everybody, it needs effort, discipline and devotion, however as I assess, I realize that the rewards and incentives are significant.

1A: Readiness Scale

Stage 1: Understanding the Concepts.

I understood that the need for a postgraduate degree was necessary in terms of furthering my vocational goals.

Stage 2: Valuing the New Behaviour.

While the financial and timely constraints posed a problem, I knew that the attainment of the degree would, in the long-term, benefit my overall persona which increased its worth in my life.

Stage 3: Believing That the New Behaviour Is Possible.

It was the right time to pursue the postgraduate degree; I was mentally ready to accept the challenges that came along with it.

Stage 4: Believing in the Ability to Change Behaviour.

In my mind, I was convinced that the postgraduate degree was a necessity for me and I was willing to make the necessity compromises and changes that would help me attain it even within the restraints that I already had, I knew that with minimal support from my peers, I would be able to complete the change in my degree and my persona (internal resource — family/peer support). Furthermore, the university provided the necessary support for students to not only complete their respective degrees but also pursue exemplar vocational opportunities thereafter (external support — university facilities)

Stage 5: Utilizing Internal and External Resources.

I mostly relied on my family and peers guidance in moments of stress especially when I felt overwhelmed by the workload of attaining the postgraduate degree. I mostly relied on the university resources to extend my knowledge of the companies that I could apply in for work in the future as well relied on the university library to access all the necessary information need to extend my database of the degree I was pursuing.

Stage 6: Seeing Proof of Attainment.

Attaining good results in my first and second semesters and getting good reviews from teachers on the paper that I had submitted throughout my academic year served as sufficient proof of my abilities in attaining the degree and allowing my personality to grow as a results of it.

Stage 7: Possessing the Necessary Skills and Practices on a Regular Basis.

I learned some of the most important people-skills and critical thinking skills during my pursuit of the postgraduate degree and had developed a sharp eye to judging a person’s response through their body language. I applied these skills in my personal life with flying colours and aim to continue using those skills practically at work as well.

1B: Readiness Journal

Top Three Stressors:

1. Financial Constraints

2. Time Constraints

3. Long commute to the institution

Intent with Stressor 1/Readiness Scale/Verification of choice

I aim to save a lot more of the salary I have earned and aim to do small jobs on the side to earn extra cash/I would place this on the levels of 4 or 5 on the readiness scale/I know it might add stress to my schedule but I also that its possible

Intent with Stressor 2/Readiness Scale/Verification of choice

I aim to gain experience by doing small jobs on the side so as to make up for time spent attaining the degree with also simultaneous vocational experience/I would place this on the levels of 3 or 4 on the readiness scale/I know that the degree will take its due course and time but I also know it will make my life easier once completed

Intent with Stressor 3/Readiness Scale/Verification of choice

I aim to take the most relaxing and least costly commute to the institute i.e. The bus/I would place this on the levels of 1 or 2 on the readiness scale/I know that I might have to leave early but it will save me some cash, relieve me of the stress of driving, allow me to have extra time to study

Insights about the behavioural change

The only stress that was created for me during my first two semesters was when dealing with stressor no. 1 i.e. financial restraints as I would feel the load of not just the studies but also the work that I was doing. However, with the passage of time, I was able to conquer this particular stress by working on a set work/study schedule and division. I also felt like I was a bit more relaxed about the timeliness of the postgraduate degree because I felt like I was getting the full experience of theory (i.e. studying in the university) and its practical application (i.e. In the small jobs that I was doing simultaneously)

Short phrase for reminder

Stressor 1: Money

Stressor 2: Time

Stressor 3: Travel

1C: Toolbox Journal

Journal Entry 1 Stress Is . . . positive as I mostly feel like I can cope with the challenges that are thrown at me, even though they might overwhelm me initially, but I always pull through and get what I had aimed for.

Journal Entry 2 Stressed Person (physical: frown, stress in the face, clenched fist or jaw, constant fidgeting; mental: multitasking, brainstorming; emotional: irritated, angry; social: quiet, distant, unfriendly; spiritual: unrest and hastened) / Relaxed Person (physical: happy face, at ease mental: friendly, approachable, humorous; mental: light and cheery thoughts, positive thoughts; emotional: happy, friendly, encouraging; social: friendly, engaging; spiritual: peaceful)

Journal Entry 3 Your Body’s Response to Stress: stiffness in the neck, preoccupied, dry mouth

Journal Entry 4 What Is the Basis of My Beliefs? Belief in one Source and how everything stems from it — it is essentially good and derives the good out of people — it allows me to have the energy to cope with my stress; life is a testing journey for the attainment of a higher consciousness or evolution — reincarnation is myth — karma is real, you always get what you throw out there in the world i.e. It comes back in a circle; All humans are created by the Source to primarily evolve and further the process of evolution; My sole purpose is to become the best version of myself and my spiritual inclinations will play a huge part in the version that is eventually created and how it interacts with others.

Journal Entry 5 Expressing Emotion I felt hurt, angry and irritated when a friends showed concern about my ability to complete my education with the workload I had taken on. I hurt a temp by giving her extremely brutal yet honest performance evaluation and reviews. I understood that my friend and I were both wrong in our respective situations as we were both judging the past as opposed to prospective potential. I was able to forgive and seek forgiveness thereof and understand that forgiveness was an awareness to not repeat the same mistake and evolve into a better being thereafter

Journal Entry 6 Self-Talk I don’t have the cash to complete my postgraduate degree — I will make the necessary financial adjustments by spending less, saving more and making smarter money choices.

Journal Entry 7 Time

Peers/supervisor at school or work: 5 hours (6); clients/instructors: 1 hour (3); friends/girlfriend/roommate/relatives/children: 5-6 hours (8); self-care and exercise: 3 hours (6); domestic affairs: 1.5-hour (5); free time: 1.5-hour (7)

Journal Entry 8 Making Choices There was a time when I decided to go for a whimsical long drive with friends despite having an early morning the next day. I felt ecstatic and elated when I made the choice, felt free. I told myself that I need to give myself time out to just relax and let go of the responsibilities from time to time so as to come back to them fresh and with a new vigour. This allowed me to have a new channel for letting go of my stress and I felt relaxed and stress free on all levels — physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Journal Entry 9 Relationships and Contacts: My roommate — I am learning to be more planned and pre-planned — Having a set schedule will relieve stress as I will be able to divide my time and have my chores all structured out from before

Journal Entry 10 Responding to Terror: my best friend’s death — he was a soldier despatched to Afghanistan — my recurring feelings are of blame to the government for starting an unnecessary war, one that is based on nothing but personal agendas

Journal Entry 11 Right Livelihood: Yes, I would work for charities or have my own charity probably based around children. My best work experiences all came from working at charities or hospitals; I usually started work there as their demands for degree was not stringent but I learned a higher sense of belonging, patience in the face of adversity and a genuine comrade between people as well as the realization that goodness exists in all human beings even those who make mistakes.

Journal Entry 12 Breathing and Awareness: in the quiet moments, my brain would not rest and wander or think faster; I usually tried to calm down by thinking about tranquil scenery; I felt like despite my mental state not being at rest, I was still able to determine the right or wrong and/or solutions in the situations I was facing.

Journal Entry 13 Muscle Relaxation — A Seven-Day Plan: Head/Day 1: after completing the exercise, I felt no stress, except just a sensation of the muscles being exercised; Neck/Day2: I felt no stress in my neck even though when in stress, my neck is what usually gets stiff; Shoulder/Day 3: I felt my muscles tighten and clench upon completing the exercise, this is probably because I have to mostly sit all day and don’t exercise my shoulders as much as I should; Arms and hands/Day 4: I felt no stress; Chest lungs and back/Day 5: I felt no stress; Stomach/Day 6: I felt no stress; Hips, legs and feet: I felt no stress

Journal Entry 14 Visual Imagery: I did not feel warmth in my hands but I did feel physically and mentally calm and relaxed overall

Journal Entry 15 Measuring Progress:

Walking: 9/10/9

Stretching/basic warm-up exercise: 9/9/9

Yoga/meditation: 9/9/10

Journal Entry 16 Meditation: One of the most relaxing and stress-releasing exercises for me.

Journal Entry 17 Exercise, Exercise: Sleeping-6 hours (5.1); sitting-8 hours (24); standing 3.5-hours (7); walking-1 hour (4); Occupational-1.5 hours (4.5); Slow run-0.25 hours (1.50); sports (tennis)- 1 hour (8) (football)-1 hour (9) swimming-1.5 hours (8) = 23.25 hours/71.

Final Journal Entry The Toolbox — completed above

1D: Personal Stressor Profile Summary in Appendix 1















Type – A











Scores indicative of:







High vulnerability to stressors


– 350


– 300

Moderate vulnerability to stressors


– E25




– 250
















Low vulnerability to stressors


– 150


– 100

Personal Stress Management Plan




Performance Log

Attain my MBA Graduate Degree

Relieve stress — engage in outdoor activities and leisure with friends

Attain in 4 years

Completed in the time span planned. Completed with good results. Managed to keep stress low and engage in extracurricular activities that helped make a strong student profile as well

Attain a suitable high-paying job within a short period of time

Gain job experience — complete freelance work and internships

Attain alongside further studies and immediately after studies for the first 3-4 years

Still working through this phase. Now allowing stress to dominate by: a) doing jobs I love to do; b) not taking on too much work; and c) not giving up my leisure time


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